10:00~17:00The Chinese Park, located in Upper Tumon, is a public facility that was donated by the Chinese Community of Guam in 1985. The structures in the park reflect Chinese archetectual designs and highlight a statue of Confucius, the famous Chinese philiosopher and teacher. The park has a won...


Gun Beach is located at the northern end of Tumon Bay and is named after the World War II gun placements that use to adorn the area. Today it is a nicely isolated beach that offers one a place to relax, away from the hussle and bussle of more trafficed areas. It is also a good place to snorkel an...


Matapang Beach Park, located behind the police koban in Tumon, offers its visitors a nice place to swim and picnic. There are also pavilions and a public restroom on the site. The park is named after an ancient local chief that rebelled against Catholicism and Spanish colonialism. His name was Ch...

San Vitores Shrine

The San Vitores Shrine is located toward the northern end of Tumon Bay. The site was built in honor of the blessed Padre Diego Luis de San Vitores, the first Jesuit missionary to bring Catholicism to Guam in 1668. He was later martyred on this site in 1672, after baptizing Chief Matapang's child...


Tumon Bay represents the heart and soul of the tourism industry on Guam. More than 90 percent of the hotels on Guam are located in Tumon. The Bay's warm, beautiful waters have entertained locals and tourist alike since the first inhabitants of the island reached its shores over 4000 years ago.

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