Cetti Bay, located in the village of Umatac, offers its guests a wonderful view of the southern coastline, which includes a gander at the Cocos Island Resort. The lush mountainous terrain of the south, as it winds down to Cetti Bay, provides for a great photo opportunity. The bay was once the sit...

Asan Bay Overlook

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Fort Soledad

Fort Soledad, located in the village of Umatac, is one of several Spanish Era forts where structures still stand today. Completed in 1810, just before the end of the Galleon Age in 1815, the fort was used as a signal tower and a security post to help protect Spanish trade in the area from pirates...

Gaan Point

Ga'an Point, located in the village of Agat, is part of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park system. On its grounds are several reminders of World War II, in the form of bunkers, caves and gun implacements. It is a nice place to visit for those interested in WWII history.

Gadaos Statue

Gadao's Statue, located in the village of Inarajan, is a tribute to Chief Gadao, an ancient Chamorro leader. Gadao was known for his legendary physical strength. The statue depicts a particular episode where Gadao was competing with a rival chief from the village of Tumon by the name of Malaguana...

Inarajan Village

Inarajan village is considered by many as a historic site in and of itself. The layout of this village resembles the days of old, with narrow roads and tight-knit buildings that hint of the bygone Spanish Era. A visit to this sleepy village by the bay really does transport you back to a simpler m...

Magellan Monument

The Magellan Monument, located in the village of Umatac, was erected to commemorate the island's first documented contact with Western civilization. On March 6, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan, sailing on behalf of the Spanish Crown in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe, anchored his three ships off...

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Merizo Pier

The Merizo Pier Park, located in the southern village of Merizo, is a nice recreation area where visitors can barbeque, fish, swim, play basketball and volleyball or just relax in the shade with a cool drink. There are picnic tables, shelters and restrooms in the area. If you decide you would lik...

South Mountain Overlook

The Southern Mountain Overlook, located in the southern village of Umatac, offers guests an unobstructed view of Guam's lush southern mountain range. It is an ideal place to sit and reflect on life as you are soothed by the force of Mother Nature. We're not kidding! Try it. There is a covered pic...


The Taga'chang Beach Park, located in the village of Yona, is another of Guam's fine beach retreats. This one, however, is lesser known than most and remains a local favorite for enjoying the ocean and all its gifts. This area is quite beautiful and on rough days it provides awsome views of waves...


09:00~ 17:00Talofofo Falls, located in the village of Talofofo, is one of Guam's popular waterfalls. At this privately owned area, you can take a two minute cable car ride down to the waterfall. There are several bridges that allow you to walk over and enjoy the water without getting wet. Also lo...

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Umatac Bay Park

Umatac Bay Park, located in the southern village of Umatac, offers its guests a tranquil rest area to take in the beauty of this lovely bay. Umatac Bay and its surrounding village, once a safe haven for Spanish galleons, has the ability to take one back to the simplier days of long ago, a must se...

Bear Rock

Located in the village of Inarajan, just off the coastline, stands a natural phenomenon known as Bear Rock. And like the name suggests it resembles a bear standing on its hind legs protecting the bay from intruders.

Camel Rock

Off the coast of Asan, sits camel rock and like its name suggests it looks like a camel. It is also the site where the U.S. military dumped its excess equipment after World War II, making it a treasure trove for divers that are feeling a bit adventurous.

Fort San Jose

Fort San Jose, located in the southern village of Umatac, is one of several Spanish forts built to protect Spanish trade interests in the area from pirates. The area this site is located on is not easily accessible to visitors that do not have a guide; however, if you are a diligent historical bu...


Saluglula Pool, more commonly referred to as Inarajan Pool, is located in the delightful southern village of Inarajan. The pool is a natural wonder where guests have the luxury of swimming in a 12-foot deep natural saltwater pool. The waters are clear and refreshing on a warm island day. There ar...

San Dionisio Church Ruins

The San Dionisio Church Ruins, located in the southern village of Umatac, offers visitors a window to Guam's Spanish past. The church, believed to be the third Catholic church to be built on Guam, was constructed in 1862 by locals and Spanish soldiers for Jesuit missionaries.

Merizo Bell Tower



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